TFG plays a significant part in combating unemployment in South Africa. Meet Alwenia Odendaal, she wasn’t able to finish school and didn’t think she’d ever find a job. 

A year after leaving school, she found herself working at TFG’s wholly-owned, Prestige Clothing Factory. Through her hard work and determination, she rose through the ranks and secured the position of Trainee Production Manager.

Alwenia’s journey was made possible through TFG’s “Sew Good Initiative”. Through this initiative, the group teaches previously unemployed women how to sew starting with blankets, and then donating those blankets to those in need.

Alwenia’s story is one of many, as TFG recognises need to empower their employees by creating windows of opportunity. 

“You have to continuously invest. We do that in our people from a training and employment point of view. We do it in the products that we design and sell in our stores. We do it in the actual look-and-feel of the stores that we open across the country,” says CEO of TFG, Anthony Thunström as he delves deeper into what it means to truly invest in the people of our country.

An incredible part of the human condition is that our lives are never in one place. Our situations can evolve, change and become meaningful. Alwenia’s story is one of many whose lives have been transformed for the better through TFG’s programmes.