Time for Global Action

TIME FOR GLOBAL ACTION is a multimedia initiative employing a co-creation process that uses Regency’s unique journalistic & cinematic style to craft fresh and authentic stories in various formats for both internal and external use. This narrative-based approach has been proven to build both internal and external relations that are beneficial in attracting and retaining the right talent; strengthening marketing relationships; and deepening the emotional connection of the viewing audience to the parties concerned.

Accor Hotels

In the Northern part of Thailand there is a distinct lack of education and employment opportunities for the vulnerable ethnic Karen minorities who often become victims of human trafficking, [...]


Famous for its infatuation with the body beautiful, Brazil is a country where health, fitness and vitality vie for the same limelight. It is therefore astonishing to find that one in six [...]


Small town South America isn’t immediately associated with being at the forefront of innovation. Yet, the people of Guaíra in Sao Paulo, Brazil, are just that – innovators. Faced with [...]


  As far as small fishing villages teetering on the brink of extinction go, the Kalangala district in Uganda had some of the worst. A group of sixty islands on Lake Victoria, they consisted [...]

Citi Thailand

Citi Thailand – Enabling Growth Through Tourism In this colourful film, we step into the shoes of a tourist exploring beautiful Thailand. Our guide is a local entrepreneur, Nadia Putkham, [...]