The National Development Plan (NDP) notes that to “achieve sustainable and inclusive growth by 2030, South Africa needs to invest in a strong network of economic infrastructure”. And, as we are a little more than a decade away from the targets set for 2030, now is the time to take stock of investments to date, current and planned infrastructure projects.

The need for infrastructure investment and development has not gone away. In fact, it is more apparent than ever – built projects are levers which should be used to drive growth within the economy. I believe that this is still possible, even in the country’s current economic climate, and that South Africa still offers immense opportunity for investment and infrastructure development.

What we need, however, is a change in focus to leverage on opportunities that will show immediate economic contributions in the short-term, without compromising their adaptability to incorporate new technologies. In this way, we could effectively future-proof the country’s infrastructure networks and ensure an attainable long-term vision of sustainable and inclusive growth.

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