The ‘Hair on Fire Problem’

After a protracted period of problems, corruption and inadequate progress in South Africa, we wanted to use the concept of authentic human storytelling to help change the conversation in a more positive direction..


The plan was to shift the spotlight away from the perpetual doom, gloom and challenges we are bombarded with in the media daily, and to highlight some of the positive stories of transformation  happening all around us, conveyed through the voices and experiences of real South Africans.


Campaign Crafting

  • Our goal was to change the narrative on business in South Africa in a way that would enable the public to understand that we need a profitable, flourishing business sector in order to have a prosperous and inclusive society.
  • Shifting business perceptions: Exploring the power of authentic storytelling with corporate South Africa in order to enable broader business value to be realized from the investments and interventions made across the scope of operations. The goal is to build authentic and credible brand positioning and meaningful stakeholder relationships, as well as to encourage inclusive business growth.

Campaign Execution

  • Corporate partners are engaged to identify the most relevant story themes that best embody their commitment.
  • Understanding the key brand messaging and positioning objectives is essential.
  • Together we identify the various stakeholder voices needed to create the layered narrative and the holistic view of the story.
  • Connecting with each character during the pre-production process enables us to understand their personal stories in their own words and to get a richer sense of their connection to the brand.
  • This enables us to plan out the visual narrative needed to bring the story to life and to compile the interview questions necessary to draw out both the narrative and brand messaging in authentic unscripted voice.
  • Narrative crafting and visual selections are followed by offline edits of multiple content formats. Client input and feedback is incorporated for sign-off with final mixing.


Conversion Funnels

  • Google 360 Conversion Funnel
    Google 360 technology matches content to audiences in multiple market places such as apps, news sites, YouTube and Google search pages.
  • Social Media Conversion Funnel
    Each social media channel speaks to a different audience with customised content that appeals only to that audience.
  • Social Influencers Referral Funnel
    A range of influencers – from individuals with large followings, to partner organizations with common goals and well-developed business networks – share content on their social media channels.
  • PR Funnel
    ‘News’ Information, such as launches, show-times and partnerships, are shared with editors for placement in print and online news platforms.


Data Analytics

  • Google Tag Infrastructure
    Tags are placed throughout the ecosystem, tracking how visitors behave, which buttons and layouts they respond best to, and where they lose interest in the content.
  • Live Data Studio Analysis
    Data studio taps into the complex data streams from every available source and create visualizations and comparisons that are easily digestible for clients and the digital team and deliver significant insight into impactfulness of content and ROI.
  • Media Monitoring Services
    Media monitoring services actively track social impact through HashTags as well as constantly checking the web for third party articles. This enables the team to be responsive to evolving trends and conversations.


Broadcast Mediums

  • SA TV Channels
    Collaborations with major SA TV channels like SABC 2, and Business Day TV, along with 20+ community TV channels broadcast long form content (12 minute stories) to millions of viewers countrywide. The value of TV is that it grants access to audiences that are not a natural part of Digital ecosystems, or may have limited access to data. Community channels, localized to small areas, are valuable cultural niches.
  • Radio Spots
    Over 500 x 30 second radio spots on prominent regional radio stations promote upcoming weekly episodes.
  • African Channels
    TV stations across the continent with access to hundreds of millions of viewers syndicate the campaign episodes over a period of several months.

Data Optimization

  • Machine Learning
    Visitors from the website are automatically matched to social media accounts so that future content is offered to viewers that have shown an interest in the subject. Over time, the audience becomes more and more refined, increasing the campaigns’ effectiveness.
  • Optimization Hub
    The digital team gathers all of the data about how visitors behave on social media and the campaign site and uses this to fine tune ongoing creative content and conversations, as well as adapt the campaign site to improve the user experience.



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