A Childhood Dream is Fulfilled when this Man Answers The Call of the Open Sea

At a young age, most of us have some idea of what we would like to be when we grow up. The options might range from the most bizarre occupations (you obviously cannot tame a wild imagination) to gradually turning into things we think are within our grasp. 

As a child, Eugene Burgens was always drawn to the ocean. 

“I always had a passion to go to sea and be on a ship and somehow I ended up in the fishing industry,” he recalls fondly. “I started right at the bottom in a factory where I processed fish and worked my way to where I am today,” says Eugene, who attributes his success to his profound passion for the open seas.

Through its South Africanisation Programme, Oceana – home of the famous Lucky Star brand and leading global fishing company – focussed on transferring skills to unemployed South African youth by training them on-board the Desert Diamond – one of the country’s largest fishing vessels. It was through this program that Eugene Burgens was trained and finally appointed as the first Black skipper of the same Desert Diamond.

Oceana is a committed investor in the economy of South Africa and wherever it operates, and thereby contributes to food, job security and empowerment that is delivered not only directly to its employees, – through the Oceana Empowerment Trust – but also to the communities in which they live. Through all these initiatives, Oceana is not only expanding their growth in the global fishing space, but is also playing a significant role in South African society, with a mission to Positively Impact Lives.

Eugen Burgens is a reminder to all of us to answer the call and keep chasing our dreams.

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