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About usWHO we are

Our mission is to create believable stories that inspire inclusive growth. Creating content to inspire action. We work with you to shape and amplify beautiful and impactful stories. Stories that build trust, confidence and pride. Stories that shift business to be driven by inclusive growth in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We use our passion, creativity and experience to find the integrity of your story. We want to grow with you, raise the bar and inspire action.

Global specialists in telling the stories of purpose-led brands

We believe that profitable, responsible business is fundamental to our sustainable future; and that strategically crafted, authentic communications can help grow this agenda. As communication strategists with a rich understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities most pressing to business, we are passionate about telling the purposeful human stories of leading global brands.

The best visual communicators in emerging markets

With journalistic skill, originality and business insight, the television series we create document the role of business-led development and multi-stakeholder partnerships in advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our programming is syndicated on Bloomberg, e.tv and 30+ networks around the world. We are always on the lookout for new sustainable business stories and this remarkable list of broadcast partners means your brand could not get better exposure anywhere else.

Content to inspire action

Our professional team are adventurers at heart and we embrace travel to get to the root of the story. No destination is too far. We travel internationally and immerse ourselves in the diversity of environments, cultures and communities, bringing together local perspectives with global issues that uncover the heart of business and help brands earn their way into people’s lives.

Our ServicesWhat we do


                    CSI CONSULTING

Our experienced teams can assist in developing a holistic CSI strategy, aligned with your core business objectives and contextualized for sustainable impact. We use a workshop methodology, exploring key ideas and desired areas of focus with you to deliver a clearly defined, focused and implementable strategy for optimal multi-stakeholder engagement and measurable ROI. We can also develop customized education programs and content using our experiential learning and training methodology and a robust focus on monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

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Stories Filmed

``Connecting hearts and minds to your brand is our skill and our passion. Engaging internal and external stakeholders alike, our unique content offering bridges the gap between commercial advertising and documentary storytelling - building relationships, trust and credibility.``

Our workWhat we do

Driving Fintech in EMEA.

Driving Fintech in EMEA.

Client: Citi Global Brand, Kenya, UK, Israel and Poland - The production of a series of 5 short films – 1 for each country and a compilation - focused on the entrepreneur winners in each country, followed by the regional culmination event to promote the Citi Mobile Challenge (CMC) initiative. We showcased the entrepreneurs in new countries to create a hype around the programme.

Social Impact Investing Breathes Life Into The S.A. Gap Housing  Market

Social Impact Investing Breathes Life Into The S.A. Gap Housing Market

Client: Citi Global Brand, South Africa -In South Africa, historic disadvantage has resulted in extensive poverty, and social and economic transformation is still vastly lacking. Access to affordable housing is a key issue in this landscape, especially for the missing middle who cannot afford current property prices and who should be able to pay for a decent home. In this story we learn how access to financing enabled thousands to own their own piece of home.

Field To Fashion – Growing A Sustainable Cotton Supply Chain

Field To Fashion – Growing A Sustainable Cotton Supply Chain

Client: Plexus Cotton, Uganda - To convey the story of a sustainable, transparent cotton supply chain, we visit Uganda to meet the farmers, factory workers and local stakeholders. We explore the impact of a 'field to fashion' approach through the human experience and passionate voices of those involved in order to understand, in the most tangible way, the potential of this best practice value chain intervention for inclusive and sustainable growth in Africa. A 3 minute character narrative story was produced together with a 60sec ‘investor pitch’ version.

Investing In Gender Equity In India

Investing In Gender Equity In India

Client: UBS Optimus Foundation, India - With India having the highest rate of out-of-school girls in the world, the implementation of the Development Impact Bond (DIB) has enabled the reach of more than 10,000 girls in 150 schools over a 3 year period, with improved learning outcomes in Math, Hindi and English. The objective of the film was to tell the proof of concept story for DIBs worldwide, and for education DIBs in particular. It seeks to illustrate, in a meaningful and emotive way, what a DIB model is, how it works and why it is important.

Inspiring Preventative Healthcare

Inspiring Preventative Healthcare

Client: Astellas Pharma, Brazil - It is astonishing to find that one in six Brazilian men suffer from prostate cancer. What's even more alarming is that the rate of men dying from this perfectly preventable disease is almost double that of developed countries. These films explore the landscape of Brazilian attitudes to men’s health through the personal stories of 3 families and the input of a cross spectrum of Brazilians on their experience of the stigma, why it exists, and what, if anything, they feel can be done to change it.

Powering Ghana And Creating Jobs

Powering Ghana And Creating Jobs

Client: Karpowership,Turkey A significant partnership between the government of Ghana and Karpowership, a subsidiary of Turkish company Karadeniz Holdings, has solved Ghana’s energy crisis in a unique and inventive way. Using the powership as a character in the story, we visited the Tema port to meet this impressive vessel together with the colourful characters whose lives have been enriched because of it. This series of features, from a 12 minute broadcast story to a 60sec tvc and 3min online feature, all tell the story of how innovative solutions and forward thinking partnerships can provide efficient responses to development challenges with a virtuous circle of positive impacts.

Creating Long Term Inclusive Value In The Financial Services Sector

Creating Long Term Inclusive Value In The Financial Services Sector

Client: Nedbank- As a diversified financial services provider, Nedbank’s newly defined purpose is to use its financial expertise to do good for individuals, families, businesses and society, facilitating the movement of capital and the flow of money from where it is to where it is required for the benefit of clients, other stakeholders and society at large to enable a thriving society, create long-term value and ensure confidence in the banking system. The approach of this short film was to interview a number of key individuals within different clusters of the bank to get some tangible and contextual insight into what this purpose statement means and how it relates to the activities and commitments of the various clusters, as well as to develop a visual narrative that would illustrate and complement the content of these interviews.

Socio-Economic Growth In Indonesia

Socio-Economic Growth In Indonesia

Client: Maersk, Indonesia - In partnership with central and regional government, State-Owned Enterprises and local businesses, Maersk is currently enabling Bitung as an international and inter-island hub port. In order to accommodate the bigger vessels required, the port's infrastructure will be improved and expanded. As Bitung and East Indonesia grows, the demand for export and shipping will increase, thereby benefitting companies like Maersk and the industries they support. And when businesses grow, their employees benefit too.


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South Africa
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